Why should I work at Loewen?

At Loewen, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Being part of the Loewen team means that you are part of a culture where diversity is valued through open communication and respect. You are provided with a positive work/life balance, education and development opportunities that allow you to grow and succeed with us.

Is there opportunity for career advancement at Loewen?

Yes. Loewen encourages internal promotions and seeing team members succeed. There are opportunities to build your career no matter what your goals are. At Loewen you have the support and empowerment to challenge yourself by obtaining new skills and training, which enable you to apply to various positions or teams within the organization. Our goal is to have 75% of our promotions filled internally through effective training and development of our team members.

Do I need manufacturing experience to work at Loewen?

No. Loewen provides all new team members with training. Before you start any work there is a two-day orientation that provides you with essential company information and safety knowledge followed by training on specific tools and machines you’ll be using. Once you complete the orientation, you will be welcomed to your new team, and they will continue to provide thorough, specific training for your position.

What are the working hours and break periods?


You get a 3-day weekend!

  • Day shift works four 10-hour shifts, Monday through Thursday
  • Evening shift works four 10-hour shifts, Monday through Thursday


Our Steinbach facility has two lunchroom bistros where team members can enjoy free coffee and water and purchase a variety of items from vending machines.

  • During a ten-hour shift, team members have one lunch break and three coffee breaks.

What types of benefits and group insurance does Loewen offer?

A variety of insurance and benefit protection options are available to team members. All permanent full-time and part-time team members, who work a minimum of 15 hours per week, are eligible after they have been with the company for 90 continuous days. We have multiple options to choose from in Medical and Dental coverage so that our team members can select the options that best suit their personal needs.

Loewen also has a variety of benefits that focus on team member work/life balance, health, wellness, career development and everyday perks. For a list of benefits please refer to the Benefits tab.

Does Loewen offer any co-op opportunities for students?

Yes. Loewen participates in several co-op and work experience programs. Many students from the program have moved into valuable full-time positions following graduation. For more detailed information regarding co-op and work experience options, please refer to the Careers page on the website or contact our Human Resources team at hr@loewen.com.

When and how do I get paid?

All team members receive their pay on a bi-weekly basis through direct deposit.

Loewen provides its employees with access to a mobile application where employees can access their pay stubs, benefits, timesheets, and other company information.

How long is the probation period?

The first three months are considered a qualifying period. At the end of this three-month period, you are a permanent team member.

In Manitoba, during the first 30 days either you or Loewen may terminate employment without advance notice. In British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario during the first three months either you or Loewen may terminate employment without advance notice.

What is the safety culture at Loewen?

Loewen is proud to be Made Safe Certified – Manitoba (Made Safe Certification) and believes that safety and respect is foundational for our organization to succeed.

Loewen maintains these basics by hiring good people, providing top training and tools, and establishing an environment of continuous improvement. We also share our expectations with our teams to ensure that personal freedoms and creativity can be maximized in a safe and respectful environment.

Who is responsible for safety at Loewen?


At Loewen, we believe that “Safety – is Our Shared Responsibility”. Having our team members go home safely at the end of their shift is our top priority! Each team member, leader and contractor is held to the highest standards and is accountable for working in a safe and healthy manner, reporting all substandard conditions and workplace hazards.

Leaders are responsible for maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and ensuring that every reasonable precaution is in place to reduce the risk of illness or injury to all Loewen team members.

Is there a Health and Safety Department?

Yes. The team is committed to providing support and continuous improvement of workplace safety, health and wellness, emergency response, security and environment.

There are several teams within the organization that aid in investigating, consulting and implementing programs, policies and procedures. These groups include:

  • Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) – Consists of Business Unit Leaders, Group Leaders and team members
  • Safety Improvement Teams (SIT) – Consists of Group Leaders and team members

How can I get involved in Health and Safety?

Loewen has many opportunities for team members to contribute ideas and be on teams focused on safety.

Safety Improvement Teams

Assist departmental employees to identify, record, examine and evaluate safety and health related issues. As well, promote education and training programs to help develop knowledge of safety and health concerns and the responsibilities of each individual within a department.

Joint Health and Safety Committee

Under the direction of the Executive Safety Committee, Joint Health and Safety Committee members are responsible for: identifying and resolving health and safety concerns, developing health and safety procedures, and promoting a safe workplace.

Targeted Committees and Teams

As required, Loewen will post for development and volunteer opportunities for team members to participate in. Examples of this are the Health and Safety Week committee, Hand Injury team and Ergonomics team.

Crew Talks, Tips and Ideas

Team members can share safety tips, create Crew Talks (weekly safety memos) and submit ways of improving health and safety at Loewen to the Ideas Program.

Does Loewen supply safety equipment to employees?

Yes. The type of safety equipment supplied varies on the job being performed but in general, safety eye protection, hearing protection and safety footwear are supplied to all team members working in the manufacturing facility.

What does ergonomics mean and how does it affect me?

Ergonomics is commonly used to describe how companies design tasks and work areas to minimize the physical hazards associated with work requirements. However, ergonomics affects everything that involves people. Work systems, sports and leisure, health and safety should all embody ergonomics principles if well designed. It is the applied science of equipment design intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

At Loewen we think about ergonomics as we design workstations by doing Ergonomic Assessments. Most people relate ergonomics to computer workstations, however ergonomics is applicable to any work environment where a person and a machine or tool interact. When creating or improving a workstation, several items are examined:

  • Working positions – are there any awkward or static positions?
  • Are there high levels of force?
  • Are there high levels of repetition?
  • Is it a difficult manual handling task?
  • Is there too much bending, stretching or effort?

What training opportunities are there at Loewen?

Loewen promotes a learning culture and provides on-site industry courses, business/personal development courses and customized initiatives. To view a list of these courses and initiatives, go to Careers / Working at Loewen / Training and Education.

What is the Education Subsidy program?

Loewen provides financial support to assist team members in enhancing their knowledge and skill set by providing:

  • 100% funding for pre-approved role related development
  • 50% funding of tuition for pre-approved business-related development, up to $500/year

How can I apply?

To find more information about employment opportunities or to apply for a certain position, please visit the Careers page on the Loewen website. Here, you will find any current opportunities along with a detailed description of those positions. This page is frequently updated to showcase the newest opportunities at Loewen.  (Apply Now)